Blocking is no longer a part in the game however you can still avoid some attacks. If you are interseted in what blocking used to be keep reading. If you are interested in avoiding now skip to the Avoiding Attacks section.

Old Blocking

Blocking can only occur when an opponent uses a skill.

The standard block is indicated by a grey shield appearing right on your Mino and a picture representing the opponent dropping down towards it from the top of the screen. Tapping the shield right at the moment when the picture overlaps the shield will block the attack - the better your timing, the more damage is avoided. The breaking of the shield indicates that the blocking attempt has failed.

Avoiding Attacks

Some Grublings have special attacks that you can block using individual methods:

  • Fire Grublings may spread small fireballs in front of themselves. The fireballs are a response to being hit, and are accompanied by a more traditional attack. They can hinder the pick up of drops, though careful selection of drops can be used to avoid the fireballs. The fireballs are on a timer of approximately 30 seconds which is not tied to combat turns. A patient player can simply wait out the fireballs.

    The fireballs are very dangerous, but they will not kill you if you touch them no matter how low your mino is on health. An impatient player can switch to another mino, touch all of the fireballs and then switch back to their main mino. Be careful that you do not touch the fireballs until after attack damage has been resolved.

  • Air Grublings may release small tornadoes. They are released along with a mainstream attack. The "tornadoes" can do up to 30% of your monster's life, regardless of type. They jump around when tapped. Tapping the "tornadoes" typically pushes them away for a moment but this can also cause them to move towards your monster. Smaller "tornadoes" appear to move faster. They do not appear to be capable of knocking your monster out on their own.

    Focusing on the "tornadoes" can cause you to miss drops. Clicking on the fast moving "tornadoes" can cause you to miss blocking opportunities.