Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Crocobeast idle
Type Water Water symbol
Evolution Evolved from Crocoling, lv25
Location Starter Mino
Resemblence Crocodile
Rarity Mega Rare
Crocobeast bio

With large claws, it grabs onto its enemies before executing a fatal bite. Its scales allow it to swim swiftly through water
  — Game Description 


The ways to get Crocobeast:

Evolve from Crocoling at Lv. 25

Find Crocobeast in the Monster Chest.


Stomp Splash
Stomp Splash
Available Level 31
Type Water symbol
Energy 5
Power 6
Description Stomps and unleashes a brutal surge of water. Heals 8% each turn


Ability Icon
Heals Crocobeast by 30% if all Minos in the party are Water element.