Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Crocoling idle
Type Water Water symbol
Evolution Crocobeast level.30
Location Starter mino
Resemblence Crocodile
Rarity Rare
Crocoling bio

Curiosity killed the croc! Not yet, and if pure determination and courage can help, maybe it never will. This Crocoling has nine lives.
  — Game Description 


  • Crocoling is one of three initial choices that a player has the option of choosing in the beginning of the story.
  • Crocoling is arguably the most popular of the three starter monsters.
  • Should you have chosen a different starter Mino, Crocoling can also be purchased in the Shop for 600 Credits(version 2) or got in the random monster chest(version 3).


Tail Splash
(No Photo)
Available Level 6
Type Water symbol
Energy 2
Rank 1 Power
Rank 2 Power 120
Rank 3 Power
Tail Smack
(No Photo)
Available Level 10
Type Normal
Energy 4
Rank 1 Power 165
Rank 2 Power
Rank 3 Power
Gushing Blast
(No Photo)
Available Level 21
Type Water symbol
Energy 6
Rank 1 Power 200
Rank 2 Power
Rank 3 Power


Title Availability
Pure water Level 15
Intelligent Level 22


Crocoling can evolve into Crocobeast at level 30.