Experience is used to level up your minos.

Version 3.0 introduced experience coins - golden coins with a blue star shape on them. They are not automatically affected to your current team, but credited to an experience account instead. This means that even after your fighting team has reached max levels, you will still be able to gain XP. You're free to use your star coin credit to level any of your Minos up to their level cap, to upgrade skills, or to acquire new Minos.


Individual: These are collected during battle

  • Can be found individually
  • In bags which have 10 coins inside
  • In Wooden Crates which have 50 coins inside
  • And in chests which have 100 coins inside

Coin boxes: These are found on the map

Experience box
Experience crabs:
These are found on Water island at the Beach and the Sandbar. Tap the crabs to collect experience.
  • Note: After the most recent update, the Experience Crabs are unable to give Experience anymore. You can still tap on them, but nothing comes out from them.