Grubling Air

Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Grubling Air
Type Air Air symbol
Location Fire Island


The Grubling Air is a variant of the Grublings, it specializes in Air-type attacks. On higher level, it may commonly release small "tornadoes" which may critically damage your monster unless tapped on numerous times.


See main article Avoiding Special Attacks

They are released as a response to an attack on a high level Grubling Air, along with a mainstream attack. The "tornadoes" can do up to 30% of your monster's life, regardless of type. They jump around when tapped. Tapping the "tornadoes" typically pushes them away for a moment but this can also cause them to move towards your monster. Smaller "tornadoes" appear to move faster. They do not appear to be capable of knocking your monster out on their own.

Focusing on the "tornadoes" can cause you to miss drops. Clicking on the fast moving "tornadoes" can cause you to miss blocking opportunities.


The lower level Grubling Air is found on Water Island and Fire Island, while the higher level one only on Fire Island.