Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Infernam idle
Type Fire Fire symbol
Location Fire Island
Resemblence Ram
Rarity Mega Rare

Found on the steppes of volcanoes, Ramrage enjoys hot lava baths and walking on hot coals.
  — Game Description 


This monster can be found in the Canyon of the Fire Island. It can be obtained after being defeated by purchasing it in the Mino page. It can also be obtained from the chest or chained box. Ramrage was added to the game in the "Fire Island" update.


Name Unlocked Type Power Energy Screen Shot
Blazing Horns Level 21 Fire "+105" 2
Headbutt Level 23 Normal "+185" 4
Fire Tracks Level 29 Fire "+160" 6


Name Unlocked Description Image
Explosive Strikes Level 26 Critical Hits deal 30% more damage.
Roaring Heat Level 32 Increases elemental damage by 20%.