Prior to the release of the MinoMonsters Forum Community, I am requesting a few images that are very much needed.

Unfortunately, each user group does not have an icon for members to display in messages.

Below is a descriptive list of the requested icons.

Icon Size (px) Color Items Incorporated
Administrator Icon 125 x 50 (px) Red
  • Infernam (Idle Pose)
  • "Administrator" text in red "Tahoma" font horizontally across icon
  • Red general graphic background
Moderator Icon 125 x 50 (px) Gold
  • Lanstorm (Idle Pose)
  • "Moderator" text in gold "Tahoma" font horizontally across icon
  • Gold general graphic background
Member Icon 125 x 50 (px) Blue
  • Crocoling (Idle Pose)
  • "Member" text in blue "Tahoma" font horizontally across icon
  • Blue general graphic background

Any questions or concerns can be posted in the "Comments Section."

If you have created any of the requested icons, please notify me via "private message."

Thank you!